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Vice President Sun Qingping Spoke at Conference on Employment

【来源: | 发布日期:2019-01-04 】

On December 7, a special conference on employment was held in Conference Room 301at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base. Vice President Sun Qingping attended the meeting. All personnel of Enrollment and Employment Office, Secretary and Deputy Secretary of each Party Branch, and Counselors in each department attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Liu Zhi’an.

At the meeting, Sun Qingping conveyed the spirit of the network video conference on innovation and entrepreneurship of graduates from national colleges and universities in 2019, and the Heilongjiang provincial conference on innovation and entrepreneurship of college graduates in 2019. He put forward four requirements for doing well the evaluation of employment in 2019 and promoting the employment in 2019. First of all, our school should make greater efforts to expand new employment space at the grass-roots level, encourage more college students to join the army, and push graduatestoseize the great opportunity of rural development for serving the rural renewal. Secondly, we should open up employment channels with a broader vision and guide graduates to workor start businesses in modern service industries such as cultural creativity. Thirdly, we should take more practical measures to encourage students to innovate and start a business, deepen the teaching reform and improve the quality of talent training. Fourthly, we should create a new connotation of employment service with better quality.

Sun Qingping said that the employment situation of graduates in our province in 2019 is grim, and the work of employment and entrepreneurship would face major opportunities and new challenges. Our school should encourage graduates to combine entrepreneurship and employment, and drive employment by entrepreneurship. We should integrate innovation and entrepreneurship into the whole process of talent training in conjunction with the key industries in our province. We should deepen the reform of the supply-side structure of higher education, set up a forced mechanism for employment and entrepreneurship, and promote the docking of talent training with social demand. In summing up, Liu Zhi’an hoped that all departments would do a good job in propaganda, mobilization, management, and service, strengthen education ongraduates’ employment, and ensure the smooth advancement of graduates’ employment.