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Teaching and Research

Suihua University is a teaching-oriented public comprehensive institution of higher education. Based on undergraduate education, with excellent teaching and talent training quality, this university is actively preparing for postgraduate education, It focuses on applied talent cultivation, building exquisite teacher training programme, and attaching great importance to the cultivation of students’practical ability. We have established the goal of fostering talents with“abundant knowledge reserve, strong capability, honorable morality, innovation, and high quality”. In addition, we have constructed a well-formed talent cultivation mode which involves the combination of“five skills and familiarity of textbooks training”together with “relaystyle”on-the-job teaching practice as a teacher in backward areas.

This university has made great efforts to develop the special education and higher education for the disabled. With the strongest faculty in Heilongjiang Province, we have set up a teacher training base of special education for the whole province. We adhere to an open school-running mode and cooperate with the local government and enterprises in teaching, research and talent cultivation. In recent five years, we have won 7 national-level fund programmes and 154 provincial and ministerial level fund programmes, which is attributed to our strong research strength. We have established research institutions such as the Institute of Economic and Cultural Studies in Cold Region and Black Glebe, the Institute of Edible Mushrooms, the Ceramics Research Institute, the Paper-Cut Art Design and Creation Studio etc. Additionally, Suihua University is thedirectorunitof theSpecialEducation Specialized Committee of the Heilongjiang Provincial Institute ofEducation, the academic base of economic and cultural exchange for the cold black soil area studies, and the academic exchange center on special education in Heilongjiang Province.

Suihua University won the special prize of National OutstandingScientificResearchAchievements Award sponsored by Ministry of Education in 1989, and then the second prize of that in 2009. Since 2005, we have gained 9 first prizes or second prizes of Provincia-Level Awardsfor ExcellentTeachingAchievements and 44 first or second prizes of Heilongjiang First, Second and Third Awards for Excellent Social Science Research Achievements.