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Teaching Staff

Suihua University gives high priority to the construction of teaching staff, implementing the project of reinvigorating our university through human resource development and making efforts to converge high-quality talents. Upholding firmly the idea of“talents are the key resources of cause”and the guiding principle of stabilizing the scale, optimizing the structure, elevating standards, and comprehensively improving the overall level of the teaching staff, we have formulated a series of policies and various measures to stabilize and attract high-level talents and thus we have possessed a teaching staff with better prospects, in which application-oriented backbone teachers serve as the core and young and middle-aged talents as the main body.

The total number of faculty members and staff is 811, of whom 498 arefull-time teachers, and 89 part-time ones.

The professional title structure of our faculty members is as follows: The teaching staff number 520, of whom 188 are professors and associate professors.

The educational background structure of our faculty members is as follows: 432 teachers have got master’s degree and doctor’s degree. The structure of academic qualifications and degrees in the teaching staff has improved significantly.

The age structure of our teaching staff is as follows: 214 teachers are aged 35 and below, accounting for 41%, and 206 teachers are aged from 36 to 45, accounting for 39%. The age structure of the teaching staff is increasingly improving and the young and middle-aged teachers occupy a large proportion. The development prospects of the teaching staff are better.

To better the structure of universities from which our faculty members graduated, our university work hard to bring inhigh-level talentsboth fromhome and abroad, and99% of whom are from different universities.