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Suihua University

Suihua University Profile

Suihua University is a public comprehensive university in Heilongjiang Province. It is located in Suihua City, the home of green produce in cold region and black Soil, more than 70 kilometers away from Harbin, the provincial capital of Heilongjiang Province.

Suihua University enjoys a long history of over 60 years. In 1953, Suihua County established Suihua Normal School with the approval of the Education Department of Heilongjiang Province; In 1971, Suihua Prefecture established Suihua Prefecuture Normal School on the basis of the original Suihua Normal School; In 1978, with the approval of the State Council, Suihua Normal Junior College was founded, which was one of the first higher normal junior colleges set up by the country after the“Cultural Revolution”; In 2004, Suihua College was established with the approval of the Ministry of Education of China. In 2013, it passed the undergraduate teaching qualification evaluation of the Ministry of Education of China. In 2017, it was approved as a master’s degree granting project construction unit. In 2018, it passed the undergraduate teaching examination and evaluation of the Ministry of Education of China.

Suihua University offers a wide range of disciplines, including 12 colleges and 42 undergraduate specialties, covering 8 academic categories, namely, pedagogy, literature, science, engineering, agronomy, economics, management, art, etc.with 12,177 full-time students.

Suihua University boasts outstanding faculties. There are 814 faculty members in total,among which 534 are full-time teachers,558 have got doctor or master degrees, 2 are experts enjoying special government subsidies and 5 are foreign teachers. With the sense of professional dedication and love for students, the teachers have been working diligently and conscientiously and devoting themselves to cultivating generations of qualified socialist builders and reliable successors and made remarkable contributions to the high-quality development of Suihua University.

Suihua University are equipped with adequate facilities. The campus covers an area of 580,000 square meters, with a construction area of more than 230,000 square meters. The total value of teaching instruments and equipment is nearly 120 million yuan. There is a paper collection of more than 1.1 million books of various kinds in the University library. Suihua University enjoys various teaching and scientific research facilities, such as teaching buildings with multimedia demonstration function, experimental buildings with advanced instruments and equipment, a modern library with electronic retrieval and reading functions, full-featured innovation and entrepreneurship base for college students, digital broadband campus network etc.Suihua University also boasts a variety of living and leisure facilities with pleasant environment, complete service and supporting measures, including student apartments, catering centers, shopping supermarkets, stadiums, artificial lakes, etc. The campus scenery is picturesque with fragrant lilac flowers, lush green vegetation, dancing colorful leaves and drooping branches with rime frog in four seasons.

The teaching quality is excellent in Suihua University. With“Social Commitment and Practical Application” as its motto, Suihua University aims to build itself to be anapplication-oriented university. To construct itself into a quality normal university, Suihua University has formed its own talent training feature of combining “Five Practices and One Proficiency”, namely, training students to practice both handwriting and blackboard-writing, simple line-drawing, making video and visual teaching aids, giving lectures and managing classes and be proficient in teaching material in primary and secondary schools, with “relay”in-post practice teaching. Suihua University is now home to 3 provincial-level first-class undergraduate specialties, 3 provincial-level first-rate undergraduate courses, 5 provincial-level top-quality courses, 2 provincial-level top-quality online open courses, 2 provincial-level teaching teams, 2 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers, 1 provincial key laboratory and 1 provincial talent training innovation experimental area. It has been accredited as provincial Cold Region and Black Soil economic and cultural academic exchange base, provincial special education academic exchange base,one of provincial demonstration (cultivation) universities of deepening innovation and entrepreneurship education reform and provincial shared incubation platform of innovation and entrepreneurship of higher education institution.

Suihua University insists on running principle of opening up. It has carried out the intercollegiate exchange and exchange of students with many foreign universities, includingthe National University of Pyatigorsk of Russia,Amur National Normal University of Humanities,East Asia Institute of Japan, Kyushu Institute of Foreign Languages of Japan, Shinawatra University of Thailand, Roman Academy of Fine Arts of Italy, Academy of Fine Arts in Naples of Italy,Far East University of Philippines, etc. With foreign teachers teaching in English, Russian, Japanese and other specialties, Education and teaching in Suihua University are characterized by the integration of Cold Region and Black Soil culture with the culture of the world.Our university vigorously develops special education. We have built a special education college in cooperation with Education Department of Heilongjiang Province and Heilongjiang Federation of the Disabled. Suihua University boasts the only special education undergraduate specialty in Heilongjiang Province and is home to the basic laboratory of higher education for the disabled and the rehabilitation center combining medical treatment and education. We have also set up the special issue of special education research. Suihua University boasts the provincial special education teacher training base, the provincial special education art talent training base, and the director-general unit of the Provincial Special Education Professional Committee. Suihua University has set up higher education for the disabled and has been recruiting hearing-impaired students majoring in computer science and technology, environmental design, e-commerce, etc. throughout the whole country, filling in the gap of higher education for the disabled in Heilongjiang Province.

Suihua University implements the concept of “Student -Orientation and Responsibility to Students”. Our university has established a complete system of “scholarship, loan, student grant and subsidies, tuition reduction and postponement” to help students finish their studies. Our university has implemented the system of tutors entering dormitories and the system of teachers in charge of classes to help students grow and make progress. Our university attaches importance to students’mental health education, filial piety and gratitude education, innovation and entrepreneurship education and carries out recreational and sports activities beneficial to students’ body and mind widely. There is a comprehensive one-stop student service hall in our university to smooth the feedback mechanism of students’ demands and has formed a benign service system.

Suihua University actively serves local development. Our university and Suihua Municipal government have jointly built the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base for College Students, which has become a brand-new business card for Suihua’s strategic development of “Capital, City and Land”, that is, Capital of Cold Region and Black Glebe, City of Green Industry, Pastoral Land for Health Preservation. Suihua University has collaborated with Suihua Food and Drug Administration and we have jointly built the largest food and drug inspection and testing center outside Harbin, the capital city of Heilongjiang Province. Suihua University has collaborated with Heilongjiang Xinhecheng Biotechnology Co. Ltd. and we have jointly built “Suihua Corn Processing Industry College” to promote regional industrial development. Suihua University has been carrying out researches serving local economy with the free technical support of the Suihua Science and Technology Bureau for enterprises and institutions under its jurisdiction and through platforms such as the New Rural Construction Research Year and the Cold Region and black Soil Economic and Cultural Research Institute. We have successively carried out university-county co-construction with counties like Suiling, Wangkui, Lanxi, etc. to help them carry out urban planning, tourism development and talent training. Our university has established the Institute of Edible Fungi, cultivated new varieties of edible fungi and made technical breakthrough on the cultivation of edible fungi with crop straws as the material, which has driven the development of edible fungi industry in Suiling, Qing’an and other counties. Our university has also established Pottery Gallery and Studio of Expert in Paper-Cut Art, dedicated to the protection and inheritance of local intangible cultural heritage such as Hailun’s Paper-Cut, Suiling’s Black Pottery and Wangkui’s Shadow Play.

In 1989, our university won the Special Award for National Excellent Teaching Achievements in China’s Colleges and Universities; In 1998, it was granted “Provincial-Level Model Unit” by Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government; In 2003, it won the title of “Provincial Civilization Unit model; In 2009, it won the second prize for National Teaching Achievements of Higher Education; In 2010, it won the second prize for National Excellent achievements of Campus Culture Construction in Colleges and Universities; In 2011, it won the title of “National-Level Model Unit” and the title of “Advanced Grass-Roots Party Organization” in colleges and universities of Heilongjiang Province; it was named “Advanced Unit of Serving Local Economic Construction” by Suihua Municipal Government for 12 consecutive years between 2008 and 2019; In 2012, it won the second prize for National Excellent achievements of Campus Culture Construction in Colleges and Universities; In 2015, it won the provincial May 1 Labor Award; In 2016, it won the second prize for the National Excellent Achievements of Campus Culture Construction in Colleges and Universities for the third time; In 2019, it was awarded Provincial Undergraduate Demonstration (Cultivation) University with Characteristic Applied Orientation and “ Provincial Model Campus”.(Data as of October 2020)