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Our School Held a Meeting on Summary and Rectification of the Examination and Evaluation of Undergraduate Teaching

【来源: | 发布日期:2019-01-04 】

On December 5, themeeting onsummary andrectification of theexamination andevaluation ofundergraduate teachingwas held inStudentActivityCenter. President Zhang Fengwu,Vice President Tian Jun, Sun Qingping andWang Dong, andChairman of School Union Li Shuhui attended the meeting. The meeting was attended by all the cadres and teachers of all departments, cadres at and above the deputy section level of theinstitutions andteaching auxiliary units,all personnel inOffice of Academic Affairs and Center for Evaluation of Research and TeachingQuality inHigher Education, and supervisors at school level. The meeting was presided over by Tian Jun.

Zhang Fengwu conveyed in detail the feedback from the Education Committee of Heilongjiang provincial government aboutEvaluation Report of Suihua University. The feedback mainly included three aspects: the achievements in teaching, the problems in the process of running a school and experts’ suggestions on our school’s rectification.

Combined withRectification Scheme on the Examination and Evaluation of Undergraduate Teaching in Suihua University, Tian Jun made detailed arrangements for the rectification of our school.

In his speech, Zhang Fengwu affirmed the remarkable achievements in the evaluation and construction of our school, andthenexpressed his gratitude to the teachers, students and staff who worked hard and made positive contributions to the evaluation and construction.

Subsequently, Zhang Fengwu stressed that in our rectification,we should attach great importance to thesuggestions given by the experts of the examination and evaluation, and constantly improve our understanding of rectification. The expert group summed up ten achievements, pointed out seven problems and put forward six suggestions for our school.

In order to thoroughly implement the spirit of the meeting and do a good job in rectification, Tian Jun emphasized three requirements in his summing-up. First, we must fully understand the importance of rectification. Second, it is necessary to actively explore the path to the realization. Third, we should be brave enough to undertake the mission for the development of our school.