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Vice President Tian Jun Signed a Cooperation Agreement with Harbin No. 49 Middle School

【来源: | 发布日期:2019-01-04 】

On 29 November,Headmaster Shang Yong,ViceHeadmaster Miao Hui andteachers’ representative Bao Guanghua of Harbin No. 49 Middle School came to our school to discuss the school-school cooperation and signed a cooperation agreement with our school. Tian Jun,VicePresident of our school, Zhou Quan,Director of the Department of Foreign Exchange and Cooperation, and other personnel received Shang Yong and his entouragein Conference Room 324 of Huiwen Building.

Shang Yong briefly introduced the teaching staff and school running of Harbin No. 49 Middle School, and expressed the will to cooperate with our school in depth. Tian Jun welcomed the arrival of Shang Yong, and introduced the characteristics and advantages of our school in talent training and other aspects.

At the meeting, the two sides also exchanged views on specific issues such as students’ internships and employment, and sign a cooperation agreement.

Before thediscussion,accompanied by Zhou Quan and other personnel,Shang Yong and hisentourage visited theCeramicsExhibitionHall,ArtTrainingCenter, andPaper-cutting Studio of our school.