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Vice President Li Chunyu was Invited to Visit Japan

【来源: | 发布日期:2019-01-04 】

From November 19 to 23, at the invitation of the Japanese academies, Vice President Li Chunyu and Deputy Director of the Department of Foreign Exchange and Cooperation Kang Junjie visited Japan in accordance with the annual visit plan. They held the unveiling ceremony of the overseas practice base and signed the cooperation agreement with Japanese academies. Furthermore, they carried on the thorough discussions with 5 colleges and universities in Fukuoka and Tokyo respectively to deepen the friendly cooperation with them. Li Chunyu first held talks with Fujiwara Noboru, President of Kyushu College of Foreign languages. The two sides reached a consensus on cooperation in such areas as school-school cooperation, teacher training, teaching discussion, scientific research, and students’ practice, study, postgraduate entrance examination, employment, and so forth. Then, the two sides signed a cooperation agreement and held the ceremony on “Suihua University Overseas Practice Base”.Zan Mengxin and other six students took turns to interpret, and reported their study, life and work-study programone by one. Li Chunyu hoped that the two sides would strengthen cooperation in teacher training and academic exchanges in the future. He encouraged the students to stand on their own feet and urged them to pay attention to safety. After that, he visited student dormitories, classrooms, libraries, and teaching and research sections, and made a thorough and meticulous inspection of the students’ study, living conditions, and school-running conditions of the Japanese schools.

On the 22nd, Li Chunyu and his entourage held talks withTarui Susumu, President of the East Asia Institute. The two sides reached a consensus on students’ study, postgraduate entrance examination and employment, subject competitions, academic exchanges, scientific research cooperation, and teacher training, and signed a memorandum of cooperation. After that, they visited the teaching and research sections, libraries and Wisdom Base and other places. With the assistance of President Takai, Li Chunyu and his entourage visited two special education schools in Tokyo.

At the Tokyo Love and Conservation School, Li Chunyu had a meeting with President Nishihara Akihiro. The two sides discussed the training system and methods for students with intellectual disabilities, as well as rehabilitation medicine and an jointly organized international symposium on special education. Vice President Li and his entourage visited the offices, the students’ activity rooms, the dining rooms, and the training sites.

Vice President Li Chunyu held talks with President Fushimmi Akira at Tokyo Metropolitan Eifuku Academy, and introduced the advantages of special education and higher education for the disabled in our school. The two sides exchanged views on the education, vocational skills training and employment of students with physical or mental disabilities. After that, they visited the classrooms, laboratories and training rooms of the Eifuku Academy. The last stop of Li Chunyu’s visit was Meiji University, a top university of liberal arts in Japan.

This visit, with a tight schedule and rich contents, had successfully completed its tasks and achieved the desired results.