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Vice President Wang Dong Led the Team to Carry out Fire Safety Inspection

【来源: | 发布日期:2019-01-04 】

In order to do a good job in fire safety, on November 28,VicePresident Wang Dong, accompanied byDirector Li Wei of the Security Department and the responsible person of the East Asia Property Management Company, conducted a detailed inspection on the overall campus environment and firefighting facilities.

In order to ensure fire safety on campus, Wang Dong andhis entourage focused on the careful inspectionintoMain Teaching Building, the control centers of the library and Special Education Building, Fire Command Center, fire evacuation passageways (corridors), escape doors, safety exits, evacuation instruction signs, fire extinguishers and hydrants. During the inspection, Wang Dong stressed that the school is a place for teaching as well asa place for students to learn and engage in activities. As all the work ofour school is being carried out smoothly, we should always attach great importance to campus safety, and ensure the healthy, safe and stable development of the school.

In addition, during the inspection, Wang Dong and his entouragealso checked the heating, toilets and monitoring facilities in each building, and put forward concrete advice on the possible safety risks.