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President Zhang Fengwu Delivered a Speech at the Launching Ceremony of the Mass Entrepreneurship and Innovation Week

【来源: | 发布日期:2019-01-04 】

On October 9, the launching ceremony of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” week was held at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base. Li Xiwen, member of theStandingCommittee of the Suihua Municipal Committee andExecutiveViceMayor, President Zhang Fengwu and VicePresident Tian Jun of our school, and leaders of relevant departments directly under the municipal government, leaders of relevant departments of our school, representatives of theCreators and students attended the launching ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Sun Jingshan, Secretary General of the municipal government.

Zhang Fengwu delivered a speech. He gave a brief account ofour school’s achievements in innovation and entrepreneurship education for college students and cooperation with the municipal government in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship. He stressed that Suihua City’s launch of an activity week of “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” provided an important platform for innovative entrepreneurs in the new era to collide their ideas, exchange achievements, and display their elegant demeanor. He hoped that with the opportunity of this “mass entrepreneurship and innovation week”, our school and the municipal governmentwouldcontinue to deepen the cooperation, strive to create a good environment for “mass entrepreneurship and innovation” and make the “back-end server” stronger and better. He stated that with high aim, talent and hardworking, the vast number of innovative entrepreneurs realizedtheir value in innovation, and developed their ambition in the course of starting a business. Mass innovation and entrepreneurship must make greater contributions to the development of Cold Region and Black Soil, the overall revitalization of Heilongjiang Province, and the construction of Suihua City.

Li Xiwen made a speech. On behalf of the Suihua MunicipalCPC Committee and Municipal Government, he warmly congratulated the launch of the activity week, and pointed out that promoting mass entrepreneurship and innovation is one of our country’s major strategic deployment sunder the new normal state of economic development. Li Xiwen stressed that the Suihua Municipal CPC Committee and Municipal Government have constantly optimized the environment and widened the channels for entrepreneurship and innovation. The idea that “innovation means development and seeking innovation means seeking the future” has increasingly taken root in the hearts of the people, and has achieved tangible results. Li Xiwen hopes that innovative entrepreneurs will closely follow the trend of the times, grasp the general trend of development, seize the precious opportunities, bravely become the wave riders of the mass entrepreneurship and innovation, and write a legend of entrepreneurship and innovation. They should contribute their youth, wisdom and strength to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation through the embodiment of their personal dreams and values of life. Finally, Li Xiwen announced the official launch of the 2018 Mass Entrepreneurship Innovation Week in Suihua City.

After the ceremony, the leaders and comrades visited the exhibition halls of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base.