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Our School Held a Grand Opening Ceremony for Students Enrolled in 2018 and an Opening Ceremony of Military Training for the Freshmen

【来源: | 发布日期:2018-09-13 】

On the morning of September 7th, our school held a grand opening ceremony for the freshmenenrolled in 2018 in the gymnasium, and at the same time it’s also an opening ceremony of military training for the newly enrolled students. School leaders such as Zhang Fengwu, Tian Jun, Li Chunyu, and Sun Qingping, political commissar Mu Yunxiang of the Suihua Detachment of the Armed Police Force, leaders of various institutes, departments, and relevant functional departments, teacher representatives, and all instructors undertaking military training tasks attended the ceremony. The ceremony was presided over by Vice President Sun Qingping.

In the solemn sound of the national anthem, the freshmen’s opening ceremony opened. Wang Chenyang, the representative of freshmen, spoke on behalf of all the freshmen, expressing his yearning for university life, his determination to strive for self-improvement, and his determination to strive for success. Liang Xiao, the representative of the college students urged the freshmen to cherish their college time, face the pressure and challenges bravely, enrich themselves constantly, be the strong ones in life and the wise ones in their studies.

Hong Wenlong, alumnus representative and secretary of the CPC General Branch of the Institute of Education of Harbin Cambridge University, delivered a speech expressing his gratitude to his alma mater and encouraging his younger brothers and sisters to cherish their time and live up to their time.

Wang Peng, the representative of all the teachers, hopes that the students will integrate themselves into Suihua University as a whole, exercise their abilities, learn well, and be new to the times.

In his speech, President Zhang Fengwu first welcomed 3085 new students, and briefed the new students on the spirit that has been condensed in the course of running a school in the past 65 years. As college life is about to begin, Zhang Fengwu hoped that students will study hard, keep healthy in body and mind, and hold fast to their first heart and pursue their dreams. At the same time, he wished the students to improve themselves in the study, make progress in the pursuit of dreams, surpass themselves in the challenge, and grow up in the struggle. Finally, he hopes that the new students can spend their college life in Suihua University without any regrets.

After the opening ceremony for the new students enrolled in 2018, the school held an opening ceremony of military training. Zhang Fengwu and Mu Yunxiang awarded the regimental flag to the military training regiment. School leaders and Mu Yunxiang awarded flags to battalions of the military training regiment.