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Teaching and Research Department of Ideological and Political Theory

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Teaching and Research Department of Ideological and Political Theory undertakes teaching and research on the following public compulsory courses,includingIdeological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis, Outline of Modern Chinese History, An introduction to the Basic principles of Marxism, An introduction to the Thoughts of Mao Zedong and the Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, and Situation and Policy, and other public selective courses. There are 23 full-time teachers in the department, 91% of whom are with Master’s degree or above and 35% are with senior professional titles. Of all the teachers, there is 1 provincial-level model teacher and 1 school-level excellent teacher.With the concerted efforts of allthefaculty members, the department has undertaken more than 120 projects on teaching and scientific research at school, municipal or provincial-level; published 215 academic papers, 4 academic monographs and 17 edited and compiled works; won 7 provincial-level Awards for Outstanding Scientific Research Achievements and more than 20 Awards for Scientific Research Achievements at school or municipal-level. The departmenthas2 school-level and 1provincial-levelquality courses, 5 young and middle-aged backbone teachers, 1 provincial-level excellent teaching team. Teachers in our school have won 1 first prize of provincial-level Award for Excellent Teaching Achievements, 3 first prize of School-Level Awards for Excellent Teaching Achievements and many other awards, and 5 Awards for Outstanding Scientific Research Achievements on Social Science at bureau or provincial-level. Moreover, the department has won advanced collective, civilized unit, advanced collective of teacher ethics, and other school-level honorary titles.