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Physical Education Department

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Physical Education Department was set up in 2000. It undertakes the teaching tasks of two specialties, public physical education and sports science. In 2005, we began to enroll undergraduates majoring in physical education. Now, sports science becomes a school-level key construction discipline. The number offull-time teachers is 20, of whom 3areprofessors, 8 associate professors, 13 master’s degree teachers, and 3school-level ExcellentYoung andMiddle-agedBackboneTeachers.

In recent years,teachers inthis department have taken over 30 teaching and research projects and published more than 200 academic papers andover tenmonographs andtextbooks. Our students have won the first prizeinBasic SkillContest for Physical Education Majors in Heilongjiang Province and our teachers have acquired more than 30 scientific research awards at all levels. Our sports field comprisesa comprehensivestadium of 10,000 square meters, a standard 400-meter plastic track and field, 2 plastic tennis courts, 18 basketball courts and 9 volleyball courts, with the total area of 50,000 square meters.

To improve the reform ofpublic physical education course,Physical Education Department has established several associationsincluding basketball, football, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, track and field sports, aerobics, and martial arts, which have carried out various public physical activities and competitions. The representative teams ofthe associationshave participated in municipal-level orprovincial-level sports contests many times andwon a lot of honors.In terms of physical education specialty construction, this department has formed the school-running philosophy of“honoring integrity and ambition, embracing diversity,building up bodies and sharpening minds” and the talent cultivation mode of“one thread, two directions, and sixabilities”.