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School of Music

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School of Music is a secondary school under the SuihuaUniversity. Its birth, construction and development are in sync with theuniversity. With a long history of running a school, ithas a profound educational foundation and a rich cultural heritage.

Theschool has 3 undergraduate majors in music studies, music performances and choreography. It has an independent teaching building, the province’s first-class concert hall, piano room and dance classroom. There are 25 full-time teachers, including 2 professors, 6 associate professors, 21 masters, 5 doctors, 7 double-qualifiedteachers, and 5teachers with overseas study experience.

In recent years, the wholeschool has published more than 400 research papers in various journals at various levels, more than 40 monographs, andmore than 20 self-edited textbooks.Many teachers and students won awards at national music competitions at all levels. The school’s existingwindband, folk band, choir, and dance group have long been active in various large-scale activities both inside and outside the school.

In teaching, we adhere to theprinciple ofmaking efforts to gain acceptance of students, parents’ confidence in us and satisfaction from the public. and attach great importance to the cultivation of applied talents in various ways.We work hard to improve teaching and internship effectiveness and employment with the integration of internship and employment base as a platform.We strengthen students’ professional practice ability training by way of in-campus practice demonstrations andvarious performance tasks.We endeavor to foster students’ professional ability display tolead local cultural development by way of servingthelocal economy.