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School of Art and Design

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School of Art and Design has three specialties, i.e. fine arts, visual communication design, and environmental design. Among them, the fine arts has two professional directions, oil painting and Chinese painting; environmental design comprises interior design and landscape design. The school gives priority to the cultivation of applied talents. The curriculum system consists of professional courses, special courses such as ice and snow art, pottery and paper-cutting, as well as business courses whose purpose is to promote employment.

The school has an independent art teaching building, an advantaged art design laboratory, a training room, a photography room, a drawing room, a ceramic art research institute, a paper-cutting art studio, a material and construction laboratory, an in-campus pottery internship training base and a pottery art exhibition hall.

The total number of faculty members and staff is 52, of whom 12 are associate professors and professors, and 29 have master's degree or above. The school employs many well-known domestic scholars and designers as visiting professors. The teachers of the whole school currently host or participate in 102 provincial, ministerial or national level scientific research and education reform projects and have published 9 monographs, 4 self-edited textbooks, and more than 100 high quality academic papers. Works created by teachers and students have been displayed and won awards for many times both at home and abroad.