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School of Literature and Media

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Schoolof Literature and Media has three undergraduate specialties, Chinese language and literature, network and new media, and digital publishing. Among the three specialties, Chinese language and literature is a provincial-level key specialty in Heilongjiang Province;meanwhile, Chinese language and literature, as a discipline, is a school-levelkey discipline. The school takes full-time undergraduate education as the main part, and gives attention to adult educationfor degreesat the sametime. In 2017, it began to provide Chinese education for international students.

The number of faculty members and staff is46, of whom 38 arefull-time teachers, including9 professors and 13 associate professors. We have 4 school-level scientific research innovation teams and 2school-levelteaching innovation teams. In the past five years, the faculty have presided over and completed 90 teaching and scientific research projects, won 63 Awards for Scientific Research Achievements, published289 papers,30 monographs and edited works, andobtained13 patents. With fruitfulachievements oncourse construction, the schoolboasts 2provincial-level and 4 school-levelquality courses.

The schoolhas set up laboratories onpractical trainingandexperiment, such asthe media-fusion laboratory based onbig data,with theequipment total value ofmore than 7 million yuan.. Besides,we have 14 off-campus practice bases.

The school has established a stableuniversity-industry links with enterprises and institutions, such asPhoenix Education Group (Phoenix TV Group), Beijing UniversityFounder Electronics Co. Ltd., so that the quality ofstudents’ talent training can furthermeet the needs ofthesociety.