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School of Foreign Languages

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School of Foreign Languages currentlyownsthree specialties, which are English, Russian, and Japanese, implementing the training mode for applied talents, namely, majors plus occupational orientations and skills. English specialty has two directions, i.e.Business English and English Education, concentrating on cross-border e-commerce,which tries to cultivate the innovation and entrepreneurial talent in the field of cross-border e-commerce industry .And English Education aims to cultivate teachers for primary and middle schools and other educational institutions.Russian specialty focuses on foreign trade and cross-border e-commerce, while Japanese specialty on business Japanese. Russian and Japanesemajor aims to cultivate applied talents, i.e. translators, administrators, etc.,suitable for cross-border e-commerce industry and foreign-funded enterprises.

The school currentlyowns 73 full-time teachers, including3professors and20 associate professors ,among them 6 with Phd degrees and 65 with master’s. In addition, there are8foreign teachers from the United States, Russia and Japan respectively. Theschool has 10 language LABS, 4 multimedia classrooms and 1 center for independent learning. We have established more than 10 practical training bases, such as small and medium-sized schools, foreign trade companies, foreign enterprises and institutions, etc., which can fully meet the needs of practice training.

In order to adapt to the development of the society, FLD has consecutively centered on teaching process, teaching reform , with an emphasis on the cultivation of student's professional knowledge and practical ability and the improvement of students' comprehensive quality. To enhance closer tie between talent cultivation and social needs, we strive vigorously to strengthen university-enterprise cooperation, construction of training bases on the principle of serving for the regional economy and society.