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School of Education

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School of Education has two undergraduatespecialties, preschool education and special education. The special educationspecialty is the only undergraduate programofspecial education in Heilongjiang Province.Special pedagogyis a provincial-level key construction discipline, andourspecial education is a provincial-level key specialty.The course of AnIntroduction to Special Education is a provincial-level quality course.Pedagogy andPsychology are school-level quality courses. TheSchool of Education has established a first-class basic special education trainingworkshop inHeilongjiang Province. The preschool educationspecialty is the school’s key support constructionspecialty and order-basedtalent cultivation is one ofits characteristics.

There are 28professional teachers in theschool, including 4 professors, 3 associate professors, and 3 young andmiddle-aged backbone teachers. In recent years,teachers have undertaken more than 70 national, provincial and school-level teaching and research and scientific research projects; published more than 200 academic papers, 11 monographs andmore than 10 textbooks. Teachers in our school have won 3 provincial-levelAwards for OutstandingScientificResearch Achievements,4school-level Awards for ScientificResearchAchievements and 2 provincialAwards for ExcellentTeachingAchievements. The Heilongjiang Special Education Teacher Training Center ishoused in theSchool of Education, whichundertakes the task of training special education teachers inHeilongjiang Province.

Followingemployment orientation and adhering to the basic school-running principle ofappliedtalent training, theSchool of Education strengthens the practical teaching links andthe cultivation of students’ vocational skills, promote the construction of the teaching staff, and continuously improve the overall school-running level of our school.