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School of Agriculture and Hydraulic Engineering

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School of Agriculture and Hydraulic Engineering covers six specialties ofagronomy, hydraulic and hydropower engineering, construction cost, human geography and urban and rural planning, geoscience and hydrology and water resources engineering. The school has built training laboratories of building materials, hydraulics, engineering survey, geographic information system and remote sense, crop cultivation, genetic breeding, construction cost and calculation, BIM comprehensive training and so on, with the total instrument and equipment value of more than 9.4 million yuan, and an area of 1,400 square meters.

The total number of full-time teachers is 33, of whom 9 are professors and associate professors, 30 masters, 2 doctors, 1 with the qualification ofFirstClass construction engineer, 10 with the qualification ofSecondClass construction engineer, 3 senior agricultural technical instructors and 3 dual qualified teachers. The teachers in our school have won the Science and Technology Progress Awards of Suihua for many consecutive years, Awards forScientificResearchAchievements and TeachingAwards forYoungTeachers andQuality TeachingAwards at scool-level. Environmental and sustainabledevelomentresearch team, cold region water environment and water conservancy engineering research team and special corn breeding and cultivation technique research team are the school-level outstanding research and innovation teams and natural geography teaching team is the school-level excellent teaching team.WorldGeography andChineseGeography courses are the school-level high-quality curriculums.Botany and theFoundation of Physical Geography are the school-levelhigh- quality model courses. Agronomy is the school-level application-oriented specialty.