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School of Information Engineering

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School of Information Engineering has 3 undergraduate specialties of computer science and technology, software engineering, mathematics and applied mathematics. Mathematics and applied mathematics is a state-level characteristic specialty and provincial-level key specialty. Computer science and technology is a school-level key construction specialty and key construction discipline. The total number of full-time teachers is 49, of whom 6 are professors, 17 associate professors and 1 outstanding teacher of Heilongjiang Province, and 70 % of whom have master’s and doctoral degrees. The teachers in our school have won Awards for Excellent Teaching Achievements many times. We boast a provincial-level mathematical analysis teaching team and a school-level programming teaching team. The school offers a provincial-level excellent course,Functions of a Real Variable, school-level excellent courses such asOperating System,Mathematical Analysis andDiscrete Mathematics, and school-level quality demonstration courses,Statistics andJSP Programming. The school attaches importance to practical teaching. We have established an information technology experimental center that consists of a computer science and technology laboratory, a software engineering laboratory, a computer basic laboratory, and a mathematical model laboratory, with the floor space of 1,900 square meters and the total instrument and equipment value of more than 8.1 million yuan. The experimental equipment is advanced and can fully meet the needs of teaching and scientific research.