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School of Food and Pharmaceutical Engineering

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School of Food and Pharmaceutical Engineering has 5 undergraduatespecialties including food science and engineering, food quality and safety, pharmaceutical engineering, chemical engineering and technology and chemistry, with 1073 undergraduate students. Food science and engineering and pharmaceutical engineering are the key application technologyspecialties in the school. Food science and engineeringis the key discipline at the school level. The three courses ofOrganicChemistry,PhysicalChemistry andFoodProcessPrinciples are the school-level quality courses. Theschool hasmany experimental teaching places such asa chemical experiment teaching center, a provincial-level experimental teaching demonstration center in colleges and universities, a school-level key laboratory, afood analysis and testing laboratory,afood science and engineering laboratory,afood quality and safety laboratory,apharmaceutical engineering laboratory,achemical engineering and technology laboratory etc.withthe floor space of 11,630 square meters and a totalinstrument and equipment value of more than 20.5 million yuan. The Suihua Food and Drug Inspection and Testing Center,established jointly by Suihua University and Suihuamunicipal government, servesas an off-campus practiceandeducation base forundergraduates in Heilongjiang Province.

Thetotal number of faculty members and staff is 60, of whom87%have doctoral and master’s degrees, 9areprofessors, 14 associate professors, 1 school-levelmaster teacher, 9 school-level young backbone teachers,3 top-ten young teachers and7 school-level teaching quality award winners.