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Professor Xia Fei Shared His “Experience from Social Science Research”

【来源: | 发布日期:2019-01-04 】

On the morning of September 21,Professor Xia Fei, head of the expert group of the Ministry of Education on the examination and evaluation of undergraduate teaching andPresident of Guangxi University of Finance and Economics, was invited to Conference Room 301 at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base to give an academic report on “experience from social science research” for teachers of our school. VicePresident Tian Jun and teachers’ representatives from all secondary colleges attended the report meeting. VicePresident Li Chunyu presided over the meeting.

At the meeting,Professor Xia Fei mainly shared his experience in the research of social science projects, focusing on the project orientation, how to choose a subject, how to pass the certification and matters needing attention in the research. Xia Fei emphasized that the key to research of national social science is to select subject. The scientific research personnel should always pay attention to the new policies, new strategies, and the latest social hot issues and difficulties issued by the state and local governments, and firmly combine the subject with the regional characteristics of the Cold Region and Black Soil, so that the research is “guided correctly” and the subject is “both theoretical and practical”. To apply for the project, the scientific research personnel should broaden their vision from knowledge, practice and so forth, and focus on team cooperation.

Li Chunyu thankedProfessor Xia Fei for his excellent report.Li stressed that in the research of a project, the scientific research personnel should determine right direction, combine theory with practice and choose proper subject. Moreover, he stated that careful argumentation, academic accumulation and team cooperation are the guarantee of the project.